Mt. Tom Mountain Park

Mountain Park was an amusement and water park on Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA. After it’s close in 1988 most of the rides have been torn or burnt down. All that’s left is a few of the ski lodges and the water park area, including a wave pool and about 6 or 7 buildings. There is a pretty good history of the park located at

I’ve been to a few abandoned places in the area and most of them are quite interesting, so this past weekend I decided to head up there with my cousin Patrick to check out what was left. If your looking for the directions to get there, use google maps with the adress: Mt. Park Rd, Holyoke MA. Once you cross over 91, just park on either side of the road and head down the closed road to the north (Mt. Tom Ski Road) just follow this uphill and around the bend for about 2 miles to the remains of the park.

The first thing you can see is the wave pool with the bath house. From here there is about 5 abandoned buildings, most of which have open doors and you can get inside. Up the side of the mountain next to the abandoned ski runs there is also two other buildings, a torn down water-slide, and attached pool basin. There is more than enough to see here in one afternoon, and i highly recommend checking it out if this sort of stuff interests you. Having said that, all of these buildings are private and trespassing is definitely against the law, so do it at your own risk!


  • Some sweet buildings to check out, at your own risk of course
  • Nice hike to the amusement park
  • Easy parking access, which is rare for checking out any abandoned place
  • Great place to take photo’s
  • Creepy awesome buildings

One Response to “Mt. Tom Mountain Park”

  1. Matthew Says:

    This is pretty cool, I’ve always wanted to explore an old abandoned amusement park, you know, like Scooby-Doo style:) I may have to make a trip over there sometime and check it out.

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